Friday, July 22, 2011

NuGet Publish Build Runner

TeamCity plugin for NuGet support v0.4 is out.
In this version I included a new build runner called "NuGet Packages Publish". This build runner helps you to publish (push) NuGet packages to a given feed (custom or default). Publishing of packages is done with help of nuget.exe push command.

Build runner settings are the following:

Download and Info:

For more information, see NuGet plugin home page at:
or read/update/report sources at
or download a latest build from TeamCity here


SimoneB said...

Hi Eugene, this is getting interesting. I'm wondering, doesn't this overlap with artifact dependencies somewhat? What about integrating the two in some ways?
For example, what if TC could act as a NuGet feed like it does already for Maven or Ivy? I'm just depicting some scenarios..

Eugene Petrenko said...

Simone, good question. Thank you. I plan to extend the plugin in that direction.

Eugene Petrenko said...

I've made API key field be a html password field. API key in TeamCity settings is (and was) stored encrypted.

Preetam said...

Hi Eugene,

We run TC7 and I would like to use Nuget Publish to publish nuget package to TC Nuget Server.. This build step asks for a API key.. where do I get the api key from?


Eugene Petrenko said...

TeamCity's NuGet feed scans build artifacts for NuGet packages. So you should not use NuGet Publish build runner for that.

Please find publish as artifacts checkbox on NuGet Package build runner